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First, our efforts are not focused on the relatively more affluent population of Ugandans that are fortunate enough to live within close proximity to prominent cities such as Kampala—where over 90% of foreign-based Christian ministries presently converge. Rather, we seek to address the needs of the rural “village” churches in the outer-extremities of the country that are so often overlooked by most.  Second, it is not our goal to establish a Western-styled Christian ministry in Uganda that might otherwise serve to make Africans even more dependent upon foreign aid and assistance. Rather, we aim to build up local pastors and church leaders for the equipping of the indigenous Christian Church in east and central Africa.  Want to know more? Check out our ministries below!



  • Graceland Academy

    Graceland Academy is a nursery and elementary school, currently for children from 1 to 8 years old.   We believe that, in addition to an upbringing founded on God’s truth, that every child deserves the opportunity for a quality education.  We hope to continue adding a new grade each year as the children graduate from one to the next with the prospect of also offering a high school education in the future.

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  • Orphanage work

    Uganda Ministries strives to help meet the ever-pressing needs of young, abandoned children all across Central and East Africa who have been left to survive as orphans. The streets of Uganda are filled with children who have been left as orphans due to parents who have died or because parents left their children knowing that they were not willing or able to care fo them as they need.  However, we believe that orphanages are only an answer to the immediate needs of the children.  Ultimately, we want to get children out of the orphanages into loving and stable families.  We want to work with families to address relationship issues, open work and income opportunities, as well as help create a healthy family environment.

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  • Radio

    Grace So Amazing is our radio program that airs at 7:40pm every Friday night.  Led by Pastor Onesmus, his wife Betty, and Pastor Paul, Grace So Amazing reaches throughout parts of Southwest Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, and Tanzania.  This is one of our greatest outreach ministries since nearly everyone owns a radio in Africa, and it is the primary source of mass communication, especially in the more rural areas.  We have received countless testimonies of people coming to Christ, being healed from sickness, and being delivered just through this modest half an hour Friday night program.  Ultimately, we are praying that the Lord would provide the means for us to erect and establish the first Christian radio station in the region that would broadcast to the very same population 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Touch of Grace

    Touch of Grace is the outreach and visitation program that happens throughout each week to the community as a whole.  Whether it is helping feed a family, delivering much needed clothing, helping with school supplies, building a new home, or simply visiting to show that we care, Touch of Grace reaches into people’s lives with a personal touch.

Uganda School of Bible

Uganda School of Bible is an NGO (non-government organization) designed to facilitate the training of native African ministers who are interested in growing in the knowledge of our Lord through diligence in His Word.  Uganda Ministries is currently developing a school site in the remote Rukungiri District of western Uganda where local ministers and tomorrow’s church leaders can come to receive sound biblical training and equipping in God’s Word.  From here, itinerate teachers and students can go forward to impact all of Africa in the name and power of the Gospel.

Our campus is strategically located to easily accommodate students from neighboring Central and East African countries that otherwise have no closer or more available means than that which we will provide.

It is our intent that on-campus housing will allow for temporary accommodations for visiting ministers from surrounding regions who may need to travel more than a full day’s journey to receive training through concentrated seminar-style teaching sessions partnered with the practical ministry through everyday life in Rukungiri and neighboring communities.


God’s Embassy

God’s Embassy is a local church located in the Katobo District of Rukungiri.  Though it is not an official ministry of Uganda Ministries, our organization closely supports the work of the church.  Pastor Onesmus Ngoboka serves as lead pastor of the church alongside Pastor Paul Kiyigi and Pastor Onesmus’ wife Betty.  The church sees a local congregation of around 300 on any given Sunday including upwards of 150 children.